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Indonesia straddles the Equator with over 17,500 islands of which about 6,000 are inhabited. On a map it looks as if a child has broken a jigsaw and thrown the pieces into a rough semi-circle, separating the Pacific and the Indian Oceans and the two cultures of Asia and Australia. Its borders on land are Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Malaysia, with its nearest neighbours being Australia, the Philippines, Singapore and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Names such as Sumatra, Bintan, Sulawesi, Bali, Lombok and Moyo sound as if they belong in a fairy tale, but are just a few of the many islands that make up the world’s largest archipelago.

As with so many islands, there are nearly 300 ethnicities, bringing with them a huge 740 languages, and in those languages, many different dialects. All this shows is the diversity of Indonesia – from its people to its culture to its cuisine, all of which range from Indian to Chinese to European to Middle Eastern, giving such a melting pot of visual, auditory and olfactory delights one hardly knows where to begin when planning a trip to this part of the world. One visit is not enough, as the vastness of Indonesia will keep drawing you back to find yet another gem to explore.

One of these is Moyo Island which provides water sports/activities, and is home to a large nature reserve, with wild ox, boar, many herds of deer, troupes of macaques, bat varieties for nearly every day of the month, and coral reefs to take your breath away with their beauty, clarity and colour.

Indonesia provides the visitor with a carpet-bag of opportunities to explore, enjoy and reminisce. Definitely a destination for your travel list.



Moyo Island, Indonesia
Under parasols of tropical canopy, beside a luminous sapphire and turquoise sea, rests Moyo’s...
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