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Java, the world’s 13th largest island, sits surrounded by the Java Sea, the Straits of Sunda, Bali and Madura and the Indian Ocean. 

Jakarta is the capital and the largest city of Indonesia, and apart from the older part of the city, is given mostly to business and government. Top quality hotels and restaurants are under construction in a bid to attract the tourist market. Many visitors are drawn to the traditional markets selling local crafts and domestic products, whilst at the other end of the spectrum, vast shopping malls such as Grand Indonesia and Pacific Place Jakarta offer various imported luxury goods as well as local crafts and textiles using Batik, Songket and Itak cloth for their fashions. Well worth a look.

For those who like adventure, Java is well-placed for the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’, and the volcanologists amongst you may wish to explore the craters of some of the most spectacular eruptions as in Gunung Bromo or the newest, Grunung Krakatau, which regularly provides breath-taking displays of fire and steam spitting out from its crater. Java is formed of nearly 40 old volcanoes, and Mount Merapi (9,740ft) is the most active at this time.

At sea level, diving and fishing are pleasurable ways to spend your days, also for the enthusiast, surfing off Grajagan (more for the proficient surfer) and Batu Karas (beginners and upwards) will provide hours of fun.

Built in about 800AD, the vast ruins of Borobudur are one of the most visited historical sites in Indonesia, and a memorable trip it will be, too. They have been restored and are now seen as a shrine for Buddhists worldwide. Borobudur has fascinated professional historians and tourists alike for many years with its bell-like structures (stupa) which enclose statues of Buddha. An intriguing site for both believer and non-believer.



Borobudur, Java
An ancient soul resides deep in the earth of Central Java, a peaceful spirit which rises up through...
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