Czech Republic

The small country of the Czech Republic is found in the middle of the European landmass and is surrounded by four other countries. It is covered with mountains, forest, hills and plateaux and provides the visitor with a wide range of terrain in which to...

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Temples. Ruins. Archaeological sites. Ancient statues. One could be forgiven for thinking that Greece lives permanently in its past, but nothing could be further from the truth. Greece as a holiday destination is a vibrant, colourful country with a zest...

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Turkey is a country with feet in both Europe and Asia, bordered on three sides by the Mediterranean, and the Aegean and Black Seas. It is a country which, as with so many others, has a fascinating history which is present today in its magnificent ruins and...

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Germany is a country with a landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges as well as North Sea beaches. It has over 2 millennia of history. With its capital Berlin being home to art and nightlife scenes, the Brandenburg Gate and many sites relating to...

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The Netherlands

Netherlands, is located in northwestern Europe, also known as Holland. “Netherlands” means low-lying country; the name Holland (from Houtland, or “Wooded Land”) was originally given to one of the medieval cores of what later became the modern state and is...

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France has the distinction of being the largest country in western Europe, the most visited in the world and is the gateway to the rest of Europe to the north and east, and to Spain in the south. Its terrain caters for everybody in that the land ranges...

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Europe's favourite alpine getaway offers more than just powdery snow and majestic mountains: this beautiful mountain country is the home of the such epicurean delights as chocolate and cheese, watches and clocks that are more masterpieces than souvenir,...

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Spain has long been a favoured destination for the visitor due to its proximity to the UK, its Mediterranean climate, friendly peoples and an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. Whether staying in an hotel or self-catering apartment, Spain is as comfortable...

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Scandinavia is made up of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden with four different yet connected personalities. Cities throughout Scandinavia blend history and tradition with the modern age. Each country has its own distinct attractions that make...

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Russia, as the world’s largest nation, also borders many European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans. Its landscape ranges from tundra and forests to subtropical beaches. It is famous for such things as Moscow's Bolshoi and St....

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Located west of Syria, and south of Turkey, with a storied past 10,000 years long, Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean; a stepping stone between Europe and the Middle East. Here on this compact island you will discover alluring beaches...

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Situated at 45 10 N, 15 30 E, Croatia sits near the head of the Adriatic Sea and forms a sideways horseshoe shape on the eastern banks. It stretches from the Istrian Peninisular in the north to Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian coast in the south. The coastline...

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Canary Islands

Located just off the coast of West Africa, the Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago that include the islands of (from largest to smallest): Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, La Graciosa, Alegranza, Isla...

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Located in central Europe, Austria is a landlocked country bordered by Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland and Italy. It consists of 9 independent federal states (Burgenland, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria,...

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Portugal is to be found on the western part of the Istrian Peninsular and borders Spain to the north and east. The Atlantic dominates its west coast and the popular south coast of the Algarve . From the Costa Verde region in the north to the Algarve in the...

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Montenegro is a small Balkan country ranging from its borders in the north with Serbia and Albania where it is very mountainous until it sweeps down to a very narrow plain at its coast in the south west where it rests in the azure waters in the south of...

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Megaliths, medieval dungeons and Calypso's Cave – The Maltese Islands are positively mythic. The narrow meandering streets of their towns and villages lead to the main square, which is invariably dominated by the huge baroque church. As the countryside is...

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Italy has inspired painters and poets for centuries with its stunning landscapes, golden light and rich cultural heritage. It is stylish, passionate and volatile and, perhaps more than any other country has strongly influenced the course of European...

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While one of the newest land masses on earth, Iceland is steeped in history and culture, as well as having some of the most spectacular sights, from those who come to wonder at the breathtaking scenery, to those who come to unwind in the natural Spa Pools....

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